Thursday, March 16, 2017

My watch filter doesn't strike out content

User question:
> I have applied watch filters, but when alert generated for these 
> pages, we found that the unwanted data is not showing strike out. 
> Ignore filters however work correctly.

If you work with watch filters and want to strike out unwanted content, then you have to enable that behavior with an extra option in the bookmark properties.

Unwanted content is only striked out automatically in combination with ignore filters and doesn't always make sense in combination with watch filters. For example if you use a watch filter for a text such as "Number of comments: 123" and WebSite-Watcher should highlight the new comments.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

How to backup my data to dropbox

User question:
> Where do I change saving the data from my C drive to a Dropbox
> folder, in case I ever lose this hard drive, I will be able to
> restore my data and settings to another PC and not lose anything?

There are several ways you can do that.

First we do not recommend to save the database in your dropbox folder, just a copy or a backup.

1) Use a third party tool to mirror or backup the bookmark database and configurations files

2) Use the internal backup feature (Tools menu) to regularly backup your data to your dropbox folder

3) Save the AutoBackups in your dropbox folder (the AutoBackup path can be changed in the program configuration + Advanced + AutoBackup, just change it to your local dropbox folder)
The AutoBackups are generated automatically by WebSite-Watcher.

4) Use the CloudSync feature to regularly sync your bookmarks into your dropbox cloud folder.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Archive pages to LWA with the first check

User question:
> I archive pages via the bookmark action "Local Website Archive", but 
> this only archives the page after a change was detected. Is it 
> possible to archive a page instantly (i.e. not as a trigger on a 
> change). 

If you also want to archive a page with the first check, then you have to enable the bookmark option "Alert/Actions on initialization" in the bookmark properties.

You can also pre-define that option for new bookmarks, then you don't have to enable it manually for each bookmark.

You can pre-define that option
1) globally in the program configuration
2) rule based for certain domains
3) via the folder properties for all bookmarks in that folder

More information on how to pre-define bookmark properties can be found at

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Apply created filters to similar bookmarks

User question:
> We are able to create filters for individual pages. Specifically,for 
> example, we create filters to ignore a date string on a website. Is 
> it possible to apply filters to multiple websites in bulk, or do 
> filters have to be created and applied to web sites one by one? 

Usually filters have to be created individually per bookmark.

To apply the same filter definitions to similar bookmarks, you can
check the "Update similar bookmarks" in the bookmark properties.